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My name is Linlin Zhong. I am a researcher on Computational Plasma Physics and also a Associate Professor at School of Electrical Engineering in Southeast University. I created this website during the holiday of Chinese New Year in February 2019.

What drove me to do this is the fact that there are so many plasma data including electron-impact cross sections, various thermal plasma properties, et al. ‘depositing’ on my computer. All these data have been determined numerically by myself since I started my Ph.D in 2013. With the advancement of my research work on Plasma Physics and Plasma Engineering, new data are being generated. I have been thinking about how to maximize the value of the data since my early Ph.D. Now I've decided to share these data through this website with any researcher all over the world who is interested in using them.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestion for improving this website and the user experience.



Linlin's Lab

In cooperation with the team of Gongfang Lab (等离子体工坊)

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